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On Looking
Chicago 2013-15
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Mirror State
Morning, noon, and night
New Year’s Day 2017 in the United States of America
Inner Ear
Composition for a space in between

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Mirror State

Morning, noon and night

Morning, noon, and night connects three parts of a day that occurs annually in a suburb of Boston, Massachusetts. It observes a Revolutionary War re-enactment not by filming the spectacle itself but instead through its spectators and peripheral participants, fixing a slow eye on its surrounding activities, gestures, and sounds. The overwhelming sound of shouting and gunfire disrupts what otherwise appears to be a comfortable afternoon in the suburbs. Spectators happily watch violence performed, as if attending a sport.

New Year’s Day 2017 in the Untied States of America

New Year's Day 2017 in the United States of America observes people passing by a large photo prop of the Founding Fathers signing the Declaration of Independence, located in an airport terminal. It was filmed shortly after the election of Trump in 2016. Many people pass by the prop without pause, while others interact with it; the figures and their accompanying mythology carry a presence throughout.

Inner ear
Inner ear explores the farm formerly on the maternal side of the family, located in Western Massachusetts. It pairs the sound of a person practicing a piece for solo viola, written in dedication to the farm, with a visual exploration of the space with the lens. Long, slow shots establish a feeling of intimacy and domesticity within somebody's personal space; however, about two thirds of the way into the work, the viewer realizes that the space is not it seemed, as an employee cuts through the scene with a prospective bridal party in tow.

Lines returns again to the farm in Värmland, Sweden, years later and in autumn (harvest season) for a playful reflection on scale, language, the hum of machinery, and a cat.